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MorpethWeb - About us

The idea of running an internet portal site for Morpeth came to me in 1998. Originally, the site was called www.morpethnet.co.uk and was run entirely independently as a not-for-profit service until 2004.

In January 2005, funding to greatly expand the scope of the site was granted by One North East under the banner of The Market Towns Initiative, and the site was renamed www.morpethweb.com. The site was then run under the direction of Morpeth Town Council.

When funding from One North East finally ran out, MorpethWeb was reduced to the form in which you see it today, a much simplified website, once more run as a not-for-profit enterprise. Modest advertising income more or less covers its running costs.

During 2010, I entered into negotiation with, and into a "Gentleman's Agreement" with Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade to rename, to once more expand the site and to run it as a fund-raiser for the Chamber of Trade, with a revenue stream from local advertising.

Your Webmaster - Dave Pope

Early in 2011, the officers of the Chamber of Trade decided, without informing me, that the agreement entered into would not be honoured, and a web-design company in Sheffield was given the job of creating a new Morpeth portal which you can visit at www.moreinmorpeth.co.uk. There must be around half a dozen web-design businesses within the Morpeth area, any of which would have been most grateful for the work of designing either the portal site, or indeed the Chamber of Trade's own website which was designed in Gosforth.

Prior to the launch of the Chamber of Trade's portal site, I felt it wise to take precautions to protect my intellectual property rights, but this resulted in a threat of legal action from the Chamber of Trade. On consideration, I had not the will to contest this case, and was unwilling to waste financial resources on such a minor matter. An offer made through their solicitors to negotiate a compromise was interpreted by the Chamber of Trade as an attempt on my part to elicit financial gain from them, indeed as an attempt by me to bankrupt the Chamber. This is ill-informed, arrant nonsense.

Apart from the years in which the site was funded by One North East, it has never been my intention to benefit financially from running a portal site for Morpeth. I can only express regret, disappointment and disillusionment at the way the situation has evolved.




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